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Construct Your Game Plan!

Let's Elevate Your Approach

with Dr. Gigi

 Be the Star of Your Team

Being a team leader is a big responsibility—and without an action plan and vision for greater success, it can leave you feeling stagnant. You have the potential to reach your goals—you just need to tap into the skills to get you there.


Dr. Gigi utilizes psychoeducation models, leadership techniques, and her trademarked behavioral change processes, and emotional intelligence tools to assist you with growing into your best personal and professional life.


Whether you’re a CEO, Founder, or

Business Owner, Professional Athlete,

Manager, or just looking to grow in your role—you can thrive within your new role and grow in aspects of your life and have a tremendous impact on others. Step out of your comfort zone and into the Leaders arena, and let your talents guide the way! Dive into your game plan by mapping out your strategy for advancement.


Play with Your Best Strategy

Did you know—74% of surveyed employees feel they aren't reaching full potential at work due to a lack of professional development opportunities? 


Don't spend your time in the same position if you're ready for the next challenge! Dr. Gigi creates custom strategies to advance your skills and your positioning in the workplace, giving you the tools to move up confidently.


Don't settle for being complacent on the bench; take charge and step into the role you've been training for!

Win Your Game


Understanding your struggles, creating your confidence so you can take the risks, and demolishing the barriers that have been holding you back are some of the tools you will obtain to help you live your best life yet! Obtaining new strategies and cultivating the ones you already have will allow you to level up and Win at Your Game!

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Ready to level up?

Work with The Game Changer!

American Football Stadium
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